Friday Morning Surprise


Yesterday morning I surprised Sloane and her class at Garden Hills Elementary by being the Friday morning Mystery Reader. After putting Sloane on the bus, I jumped in the shower, got dressed and made my way to her school. As I walked into the school office to sign-in and get my name tag, two little Hispanic students were standing around the PA system microphone saying the Pledge of Allegiance for the entire school. Made me proud of how far our country has come.

I made my way down the halls and to Sloane's classroom. As I entered her room, the kids were sitting on the floor, listening to their teacher, Mrs. Baublitz, talk about the day's activities. When she saw me, she announced to the class that the Mystery Reader had arrived. The kids turned around and when Sloane realized it was me, the smile on her face was priceless. She jumped up and sprinted across the room and gave me a huge hug.

Mrs. Baublitz introduced me to the class, but they all knew exactly who I was after seeing Sloane's reaction. I sat in the Reading Chair, and Mrs. Baublitz handed me the book to read...about resolutions.

It was the best way ever to start my morning. Can't wait to do it again!!!