Two Out of Three Ain't Bad


And he didn't know the difference... I walked outside Sunday afternoon and the kids were going to town on the leaves in the backyard. Sloane, Hunter and their friend, Abby Shepherd, were knee deep in a pile of leaves and were determined to make it as big as possible.

The two girls had rakes and Hunter, well, he had a broom. Normally I'd be worried, as he doesn't really take to being the odd man out. But on this occasion, he was so determined to keep up with the two Type-A girls that he didn't notice.

The rakes were almost too big for the girls to handle, so I'd say it was an even match. They did a pretty good job making the pile of leaves, and it was just big enough to jump into, so I guess that's all that matters.

Seems like yesterday when I was doing the same thing with my buddies on Hickory Road in Corinth. This time of year was the best. Leaves, CHS football and a chill in the air.

Man, those were the good ol' days for sure. And I love seeing my kids enjoy the same things...small things...with their friends.

Good stuff!!