Tomorrow is Turkey Day. A day when most of us gather around a table with family and/or friends and give thanks by feasting on everything from turkey and ham to stuffing, sweet potato casserole, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. I love this holiday because it takes place during what I think is the best time of the year. Leaves are falling, there's a chill in the air and the kids are still on their sugar high from Halloween and start getting excited about Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Sure, I love to eat. Anyone that knows me, knows that. But it's not all about the food.

Honestly, it's about being thankful. For my family. For my friends. For my health and theirs. Thankful for everything.

Back in October, I took Sloane and Hunter to Corinth for a weekend. It was my high school's Homecoming, so they got to enjoy the homecoming parade and football, as well as visit with their grandmother and a few of my high school buddies and their families.

That Friday afternoon, I took them to Borroum's Drug Store. Sloane had been there once or twice before, but not Hunter. So I wanted to take them by there and let them experience a place that I, too, enjoyed as a kid. They quickly found a couple of stools at the counter and bellied-up for milkshakes.

So what does this have to do with Thanksgiving?

Easy: I'm especially thankful for where I grew up and the many people and places that made Corinth such a special place.

And Borroum's is one of those places.

Slug burgers, fountain Cokes, milkshakes, hamburgers.

It's always full of people and every single time I go there, I see someone I know regardless of how much time has passed since the last time I was there.

I don't get back to Corinth enough. And every time I go back, I promise myself I'll make the 5-hour trip more often. I'm gonna start holding myself to that promise.

I promise.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving everyone.