As kids, we really only had two sources to go to when it was time to start wishing for anything. The Sears Wish Book and the JC Penney Christmas Catalog.

They would arrive at our house around the same time each year...September or just thereafter....and we'd immediately start marking pages and circling all of the toys we wanted Santa to bring us.

That was it, though. There weren't really any other catalogs that we cared anything about.

Nowadays, however, we get more catalogs in the mail than actual "mail."

Know what I mean?

A couple of months ago, a LEGO catalog arrived at the house, and I didn't really think anything of it.

Until Hunter got ahold of it.

And now, every morning after breakfast, he sits at the table and goes through that catalog and doesn't miss a single page.

First it was Batman...then Spider-man...and now it's The Avengers.

Oddly enough, he hasn't really asked for anything in the catalog itself. He just enjoys turning each and every page while saying, "Oh my goodness!"

And that's exactly what it is...

100% Goodness