Saturday Morning Surprise


This morning, as the kids were sitting down to eat breakfast, an extremely friendly cat appeared at our back door on the deck. Coffee cake and yogurt were suddenly much less important, and Sloane and Hunter darted outside to play with her.

Polly Pockets is her name, and she is one of the friendliest cats I've ever seen. When she wasn't chasing chipmunks in our yard, she was pawing at the kids and darting in and out and around their legs.

Sloane decided that Polly was thirsty and ran inside to get her some milk.

She and Hunter sat in the backyard and watched intently as Polly enjoyed her morning treat.

We don't have any pets of our own yet, so hopefully Polly will come back more often.

I grew up with both cats and dogs, so I'd like our kids to do the same.

I find cats to be much more interesting than dogs, so I suppose I like them more.

How 'bout you?