Sloane & BennettSt. Peter's Episcopal Church St. Louis, Missouri June 2012

How I Did It

I started with this, the original image, which was color-corrected in Lightroom and exported from RAW to JPEG.

I pulled the original image into Photoshop and desaturated it. In Photoshop, I performed the following: Image --> Adjustments --> Desaturate which gave me the desaturated image below.

From here, I made another adjustment, this time cranking the brightness all the way up to 150. I performed the following: Image --> Adjustments --> Brightness/Contrast and moved the Brightness slider all the way to right to 150. Doing this gave me the image below.

Next, I launched the Lucis Pro plug-in and performed the following steps:

1) The Smooth Detail slider was set to 1 2) The Enhance Detail slider was set to 101 3) The Mix slider was moved to 80% Lucis image/20% original image

Lastly, the image was cropped and cleaned up using dodge, burn and the eraser tools in Photoshop. I also used the Spot Healing Brush Tool to remove the hairs that were in Sloane's eye, as well as a few other areas. Here's the final image, again: