Pirates, Cats & Lizards


The mind of a child is like no other. What I would give to be that age again when even the simplest of stories made my imagination run wild.

Like today.

While working on a patio with a good friend, little Sam...I called him "Sambo"...watched from inside the screened-in porch.

He watched every single move we made. To him, it was all about digging and dirt and sand and rocks.

More than anything, he wanted to be knee-deep in the action with us.

Eventually, I decided it was time to let him be a part of the "fun."

While I moved wheelbarrows of sand from the front of the house to the back, Sambo stood watch over the work area.

His job was to make sure no pirates, cats or lizards came into the backyard to mess-up his future patio.

He was reluctant, at first, to leave the safety of the porch, but he eventually made his way outside and stood watch like a big boy.

As usual, my camera wasn't too far away, and I got a shot of Sambo on his watch...

Pirates, cats and lizards. What a combo.

Although he never saw a pirate or a cat, he did indeed see a red lizard.

Not just any red lizard, either....a BIG red lizard.

And he scared him away.

Sambo...thanks for today, little man.

Not just for scaring away the big red lizard and saving the patio from total reptile destruction.

Not just for making a long, hot day more enjoyable.

But also for making me smile.

And laugh.

And want to be little again.