Sloane's Spring soccer team is called "The Rockstars." Back in the Fall, her team was called "The Foxes." I'm not sure which name I like better, although "Rockstars" jives with me a little more than "Foxes." Whatever... Anyway, on Saturday the Rockstars played their first game of the season. I'm not sure, but I think the game ended in a tie...but I could be wrong. I was too busy taking pictures to keep up with the score. You know how it is, right?

Sloane started out as a Center Fullback, and since most of the action was at the other end of the field, she got extremely bored rather quickly.

Case in point...

But after halftime, she changed to Central Midfielder (I think) and that's when things changed...for the better. She was all over the field and seemed to really enjoy it. All of the Rockstars, in fact, did a great job.

Here's proof...

Hopefully this season will be a bit better for Sloane than it was back in the Fall. That was her first time ever playing soccer, so she wasn't all that into it.

Something tells me her second time around will be much better. At least I hope so.

Stay tuned...!