The Upside of Losing


Seems like yesterday we were anxiously awaiting Sloane's teeth to come IN. She was one of those kids whose front teeth lagged a bit behind the others, so she had actual fangs for awhile there.

How quickly things change.

Or so it seems.

Last night, my baby girl lost her first tooth. How on Earth could that be??

First, there was excitement. Then, when she realized there's a bit of blood when a tooth comes out, that excitement quickly turned to absolute horror.

But that quickly faded, and she spent the rest of the night either in the bathroom looking at it in the mirror, or, since it is indeed the year 2012, on the phone "FaceTiming" with friends and family.

First it was with her bestest friend, Lydia, and then it was my parents, Rae-Rae and Papa. Her other grandparents didn't answer, so they missed out on all the fun...

The best part, though?

Waking up this morning to find that the Tooth Fairy took her tooth and left a crisp one dollar bill!!

Despite always wanting to be be better than her brother....always wanting to win...

There is indeed an upside to losing...