The Buster Project


Over a decade ago, I thought of a cool idea - when traveling to different towns, try and find places called "Jake's" and take a picture of them. Then create a collage of the pictures on a wall somewhere in my house. Kind of a tribute to myself, but not really. My grand idea never materialized.

Fast forward to November of 2010.

I was passing through Murfreesboro, TN on my way to St. Louis, and I called an old high school buddy, Fant Smith, who lives there. It was around noon, and I figured we might be able to grab lunch somewhere and catch-up. He agreed and suggested we meet at an old burger joint called "Buster's Place." When I got there, Fant surprised me by inviting another old friend to join us. I looked up, and none other than Will Fisher walked in the door. We sat there and threw down Buster Burgers and reminisced about the good ol' days growing up in Corinth. It was great to see both of them, and when I got back on the road to St. Louis, I spent the next six hours reminiscing even more. It was an awesome trip down memory lane.

While at Buster's Place, my old picture idea surfaced again. Unbeknownst to most people, Hunter's nickname is "Buster." We started calling him that a few months earlier while on vacation in Montana, and the name just stuck. So as I stood in the parking lot and looked at that old dive in Murfreesboro, I decided to dust-off the picture idea and pursue it for ol' Buster. His room could be filled with different pictures of old dives and places called "Buster's." Pretty cool idea, if you ask me....

Buster's Place - Murfreesboro, TN

I think it's going to be a fun yet challenging endeavor. It will obviously depend on two things: my ability to travel, as well as the chances that wherever I go, there's a place called "Buster's."

You'd be surprised, though.

I know I was...and still am.

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