Poor & Hungry


Back in June of 2009, I spent a few nights in Memphis with a couple of buddies. We had our fill of Memphis BBQ at Cozy Corner, Soul Burgers at Ernestine & Hazel's and breakfast at the Arcade. But what stands out the most in my mind was the couple of hours we spent one night at the P & H Cafe...

It had been three or four years since I'd paid a visit to the ol' P & H (which stands for "Poor & Hungry," by the way...) so I was definitely excited to go. Known more as a beer joint than a true restaurant, the P & H serves your typical bar food with one exception...the best damn tamales you'll ever put in your mouth.

Despite the smoke and the rough and rowdy cast of characters in the place, the P & H Cafe is one hell of a good time. If you're ever in Memphis and are looking for a great place to grab a beer and catch-up with old friends, you absolutely cannot go wrong with the P & H.

Jay and Chris...let's do it again soon.

I love me some P & H loaded tamales!!!