Old Friends & Big Chickens


During the summer of 1991, I spent a few weeks in Georgia attending Airborne School at Ft. Benning. Whereas the week days were spent getting screamed at by black hats while we learned how to be paratroopers, we got the weekends off. I called an old high school friend that lived in Atlanta, and she and another friend drove down and picked me up and took me back to Atlanta for the weekend. It was great to see Cynthia again, as I'd not seen her since we were in the 10th grade. Her friend, Lauren, was cool, as well, and we remained friends after that weekend. Later that summer, I got a postcard from Lauren and on it there was a picture of the famous "Big Chicken" in Marietta. Anyone that knows me knows that I rarely throw anything away. I actually kept every single letter that I received while at West Point, so when I decided to write this post about the Big Chicken, I found that old box of letters and dug through it until I found Lauren's postcard...

Fast forward almost 20 years to 2010, and I'd lived in Atlanta for over 14 years. I'd obviously driven by the famous fowl on numerous occasions, but I never really thought anything about it.

Until Sloane was with me one day when we drove by it...and she talked about the thing constantly.

In October of 2010, we were a month away from moving to St. Louis, so I decided to take her up there one night and get a shot of her standing in front of it. Not really sure why I felt that urge, but I did.

Anyway, here's the picture I took that night...

Now that we're back in Atlanta, I can't wait to take Sloane and the rest of the brood up to Marietta to see the Big Chicken. Hopefully a drive-by will suffice, however, because fried chicken just doesn't agree with me these days. Plus, the darn place is a Pepsi property, and that means it's off limits.

Regardless, here's to old friends and big chickens. Lauren, I hope you and your hubby and kids are doing well!