Neighbors Rock!


Our neighborhood rocks. Plain and simple. The house we used to live in was on one of the busiest roads in Atlanta, or so it seemed. Our house was up on a hill away from the road, but it wasn't really in a neighborhood.

We had "neighbors" but we rarely ever saw them.

And we definitely weren't comfortable with the kids playing outside in the yard without close supervision.

Things couldn't be any more different for us now, though.

Back in September, we got the urge to have a last-minute cookout in our backyard.

We put a shout-out to a few of our neighbors, and before we knew it, burgers were on the grill and the kids were running around in the backyard having a blast.

We parents sat up on the deck and talked as we looked down on the kids and watched them having a hell of a time.

I grabbed my camera and decided to get a few shots of the kids doing what they do best...

I know...some of you are thinking, "What's the big deal?" To some, living in a true neighborhood might be second don't know anything different.

But for us, it was a huge transition...and one we are so glad we made.

Our neighborhood is awesome.

But our neighbors are "awesomer."

They rock!!