A Little Bit of Red


Back in 2004, Hadley and I had the pleasure of attending a wedding in Kenya. We planned the trip so that we could be there a week or so before the wedding, and we spent that time in a couple of safari camps. The first one was called Porini Amboseli Camp, and our guides were Maasai. We spent three days with these guys, and at the end of our time there, it was extremely hard to leave them. Here's a shot I took of them just before we got in the jeep to leave the camp.

You can't really tell from the picture, but their shoes were made from jeep tires. They take old tires and cut them into pieces that fit on the bottoms of their feet and tie them with bits of cloth. Amazing people, I must say. They taught us a lot in the short time we were with them.

Thanks guys...