Well There You Have It


Since yesterday's post centered around bridge graffiti, I figured I might as well keep it going. I've been meaning to post something about this particular bridge for a few years, but just never have gotten around to it. Until now.

One of the greatest things about Atlanta is its proximity to mountains and lakes of North Carolina. Georgia has a few of its own, but I'm particularly fond of North Carolina...specifically Lake Summit.

We have some friends that have a family place on the lake up there, and we've been fortunate enough to go on a few weekend jaunts up there. Days are spent down on the dock or in the water or boat. Nights are usually comprised of huge feasts, dancing and more laughing and story-telling than you could imagine.

One of the evening rituals is for Matt to take the boat out just before dusk. We leave the dock and veer left to a cove where there's an awesome abandoned cabin. As you approach the cove, you have to go under an old bridge. It looks like any regular old bridge as you go under it, but once you're on the other side, it's a different story. There's graffiti galore on the other side.

No one really knows who wrote the message in white paint, but it's there for all to see. They obviously needed to make a point.

And I suppose they decided that less is more. It doesn't get much clearer than that...at least in terms of expressing an opinion.

So...well....there you have it.

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