Watching Over The Field


Back in April of 2010, I was on my way up to Charlotte, NC for a meeting. I was somewhere on I-85 and had crossed into South Carolina, when something caught my eye on the right side of the road. I got this eerie feeling as if I'd seen a ghost or something. I can't really explain it. I took the first exit I came to and reversed my direction to head back to where I saw it. I pulled off to the side of the road and got out of the car. What I'd seen turned out to be an old stump in the middle of a field. But with the fog rolling in across the field, as well as the way the sun was just starting to come up, it looked more like a figure standing out in the field with an arm outstretched or pointing. There weren't a lot of cars on the highway at the time, so it was rather quiet and peaceful. Looking out at this "figure" was really bizarre. It obviously wasn't a ghost or a real person, but it looked so much like a human figure that I was still rather spooked. I snapped a few pictures of it and got back on the road.

I was glad I had my camera gear with me that day. I wonder if anyone else has ever noticed that stump and had the same reaction as I had? Something to ponder, for sure...