The Writing's on the Wall


I can't recall how I found out about the place, but somehow I learned about an old, abandoned prison farm 30 or 45 minutes on the outskirts of Atlanta. It sounded really cool, so I thought I'd make a quick trip to check it out and see if it be a good place for some urban exploration photos. It was bigger than I anticipated, with buildings on both sides of the road. The old buildings were extremely overgrown with weeds, shrubs and trees, so they were relatively hard to see from the road. I was short on time, so I chose one side, parked my car in the woods, grabbed my gear and found my way in.

I plan to go back and spend much more time exploring around, as I ran out of time and only had a chance to get a few pictures that day.

At any rate, here's a shot I took at the far end of one of the buildings I was able to get in. I really like the bars over the small window on the door to the left. Pretty wild!

Stay tuned for more...I hope to get back there soon and do much more walking around. It's a really cool place, but extremely spooky at the same time. You never know what's going to be in a place like this...

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