Ten Short of a Century


Hadley's grandmother, Florence Baur, turned 90 years old today. If you stop and really think about that, it's quite amazing. When I stop and really think about what she's seen and experienced over the course of those 90 years, it makes me feel not only incredibly small, but also incredibly green.

That's green as in inexperienced. A rookie of sorts.

She's a very resilient woman. She's been through and experienced a lot over the years, and she only seems to get stronger. And, more importantly, wiser.

Anyway, for Christmas this year, I gave her a digital picture frame from Ceiva. By now, everyone pretty much knows what a digital picture frame is. But this one's different.

The coolest feature of this frame is that I can manage it remotely. I can upload pictures to it via the Web, as well as email and text pictures to it. I sent the email/text address to the rest of her family, and now everyone can send pictures to her frame whenever they want. Each night, the frame dials into a server (via her phone line) and pulls down any new photos that have been uploaded. When she wakes up in the morning, she usually has some new photos waiting on her to see.

Today, Sloane and Alicia worked on a colorful sign to hold in the picture. Then I rounded up the kids and headed over to the playground in our neighborhood to take a picture to send to Lolo's frame. The park was perfect because the twins could sit in the swings and weren't crawling around in the mud.

Here's what I got:

My timing wasn't the best, as the sun was setting and it was shining directly through the trees and onto a couple of the kids. But I was short on time and really had no choice.

Regardless, I think the picture turned out quite nicely, and better yet, I know Lolo is going to love the picture.

In fact, it's on her frame right this very moment, waiting on her to see it.

That, my friends, is cool...