Oysters & Irony


Back in November of 2010, I got together with a few buddies at Fontaine's Oyster House, our old watering hole, as a farewell gathering of sorts. I was a few days away from moving to St. Louis and was on a mission to visit all of my old hangouts before I left town. In late 1999, I was spending a great deal of time at the Highland Tap. I lived in the neighborhood and would stop by on my way home from work. One night, as I was sitting at the bar, I struck up a conversation with two guys that claimed they were going to be the bartenders at a new place opening directly above the Tap...an oyster bar called Fontaine's. Being a fanatic about raw oysters, I was ecstatic.

A month or so later, Fontaine's opened its doors, and a few of us became "regulars," if you will. The bartenders were awesome and the oysters were amazing. We'd go there a few nights a week, and it quickly became our home away from home.

I could go on and on about the good times we had there. Tons of stories. Lots of memories.

Which is exactly why I wanted to meet there for a few drinks and some oysters before leaving town and starting a new life in St. Louis. The irony?

I left for St. Louis three nights later. And then six months after that, we moved back to Atlanta. We had twin boys while in St. Louis, so despite being back in Atlanta now, I still haven't made it to Fontaine's. Hell, they probably think I'm still in St. Louis for all I know.

Anyway, the reason I tell you all of this is just that you never know how things are going to turn out. I was sad to leave Atlanta and spent a lot of time saying goodbye to the people and places I'd grown to love after spending 14 years here. And in what seems like the blink of an eye, we were there and now we are back.

The difference is that we left with two and came back with four. Kids, that is.

So as you can imagine, I haven't really had the time (or energy) to pay a little visit to Fontaine's and celebrate being back over some raw oysters and Abita beer.

That begs the question, then...

Anybody up for Fontaine's? I'm game if you are....