Mooning the Arch


Well, kinda sorta. Last year, while in St. Louis, I was driving around down near the arch and noticed not only that there was a full moon, but also from my view, it was positioned directly under or through the arch. I had my gear with me, so I parked (illegally), grabbed my camera and tripod, and ran across the street through traffic to set-up and snap a few brackets.

From this angle, the arch doesn't really look that big. In fact, the last time I'd been that close to the arch was when I was in the 4th grade and our baseball coach took our team on a road trip to St. Louis to see the Cardinals play the Dodgers. We stayed in a cool, round hotel across the street from the stadium, and the best part was that you could walk underground from the hotel to the stadium. We went up to the top of the arch, which was definitely cool, but most of us thought the tunnel to the stadium topped the list.

We had an absolute blast. I'm still amazed that we weren't kicked out of that hotel, though, because we chased each other all over the place with shaving cream and toilet paper. Rookies were "initiated" on this trip, which meant if caught, you were completely covered with shaving, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, clothes, name it and there was shaving cream in it or on it. So much so, that to this very day, the smell of Barbasol shaving cream takes me back to 1979.

Definitely the good ol' days...

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