Learning from a Pro


The last time I took Sloane to Corinth, she wanted, more than anything, to go with her great grandmother to the beauty parlor. She's at that age where she loves to play with her dolls and brush their hair, so she was excited to see how Beck Beck had hers done. My grandmother has gone on weekly trips to the beauty parlor for as long as I can remember. When I was a young kid, she'd go to a little place downtown across from the court square. While she got her hair done, I'd go across the street and watch the old men that sat on the benches in front of the courthouse as they whittled on sticks and told stories from the war. I was too young to appreciate their stories and was really more interested in watching how they worked with their knives and the wood. Now, I'd give anything if I'd sat on those benches and soaked up their stories...men like that aren't around much anymore. Unfortunate, but true.

Anyway, when Sloane got the opportunity to go to the beauty parlor with Beck Beck, I really wanted to try and capture a few of the special moments while there. I think this shot does a pretty good job of it...

We were there for an hour or so, and Sloane watched in amazement as Beck Beck got her hair washed and fixed-up. She even got to sit in the big chair and have her own hair brushed, as she had a few tangles that she wanted fixed. Her teddy bear also got a make-over.

Towards the end of the appointment, she sat on the couch and asked all sorts of questions, and the stylist was more than happy to answer all of them. When she grows up, she wants to work in a beauty parlor and make girls pretty.

When she grows up.

Regardless, I'm so glad we did that. To see her spend such quality time with her great grandmother, and to capture those moments, I know they'll both treasure them for a long, long time.

But does she really have to grow up??