It's All Relative


When I was Hunter's age (around 3 years old), if you didn't have a Big Wheel, you were pretty much uncool. It seemed that almost every kid in our neighborhood had one. Our daily ritual was to start at the top of the Tomlinson's driveway, shoot down across West Clover Lane and end up at the bottom of my driveway at the garage door. As I recall, and more importantly, as it seemed back then, that stretch of pavement and concrete was incredibly steep. We could almost break the sound barrier as we flew down the driveways and skidded to a stop like Starsky & Hutch. We would do it over and over and over again and never grow tired of it.

In reality, it was barely a hill. I drive by there whenever I'm in Corinth visiting, and I'm amazed at how things never really seem as big as they once did. Just goes to show you have incredibly big kids' imaginations really are.

For Christmas this year, Hunter and Sloane got Plasma Cars from my parents. Our neighborhood has some really good hills, and we figured the plasmas would be a great way for the kids to make the most of them. Our driveway is on somewhat of a slope, so I figured they could also enjoy them at home, too. And trust me...they do.

Hunter is definitely all boy, and he rarely, if ever, hesitates to do anything, regardless of how dangerous or scary it might be to others. But for some reason, our driveway to him is intimidating.

I wonder what he's thinking when he hesitates at the top of the driveway. I know his imagination is running wild each time he does it. Like I said, kids' imaginations are just enormous. I suppose it's true...big things come in small packages.