Comfort Food


I moved to Atlanta on a Friday afternoon in October of 1996. I drove into town with a U-Haul behind my car, parked it and then went out with my new roommate and a friend to Buckhead. They took me to a few hotspots of the bar scene (Dixie Tavern, M & A's, Rose & Crown), and then we headed home. We had the late-night munchies, so the guys decided to hit Fellini's on the way back to the house. It was my first taste of the place, and definitely not my last. Almost 16 years later, I still love going there. Sure, the pizza is great...but it's the attitude and vibe that Fellini's has that really appeals to me. It's just a cool place to grab some "za"...period.

I don't go there nearly as much as I used to, but when I do, the minute I walk in the place, it takes me back to October of 1996. Life was good. Not that it isn't good now, it's just different. Back then, I was 25 years old, in a new city with a new job (my first in the corporate world), and I was on my own. Atlanta was new to me, but it quickly became "home."

If any of you are ever headed to Fellini's and need some company, call me. I'm a sure bet...!