Beauty on the Bridge


I had the opportunity to take some photos for a good friend of mine, Pierson Gladney, back in early December. It was Christmas Card time again, and she was brave enough to ask me to take a few pictures of her gorgeous children, Hayes and Hawk. We agreed to meet at the popular Ginkgo tree on Peachtree Battle, but when we got there, we were out of luck...another photo shoot was taking place there.

So we headed further down Peachtree Battle to Rivers Road and decided to try out the little park that's conveniently tucked away not far off Peachtree Battle.

We spent 30 minutes or so, snapping pictures of them at various places around the small park...then headed back to the Ginkgo tree to get a few of them playing in the amazingly colorful leaves.

Here's one of my favorite shots of Hayes as she was playing on the small bridge at the park.

I love how Pierson can be seen behind her, watching as any proud mother would. With children like that, anyone would be proud...believe me!!

Thanks again for letting me photograph you, Brad and your gorgeous children. Families like you make it seem easy!!