Fearless Papa Bear


My son, Hunter, never ceases to amaze me. The kid just isn't scared of anything. Maybe that's normal for most little boys. I don't know. Regardless, we had a blast this year watching him really begin to enjoy and embrace the spirit of Halloween. Fearless

Our neighborhood, and especially our street, really gets into it. Almost every house on the street is decorated in some capacity, and the residents get dressed-up and join in all the fun.

This year, I really have to hand it to Hadley. She decided, really around the time that Bates and Miller were born, that the theme for Halloween this year should be "Goldilocks and the Three Bears." In my opinion, it was perfect. Sloane got a chance to dress-up in a dress and be the ringleader, so to speak, and the boys got to wear bear costumes which were easy. My parents came down from Rome and were really amazed at how the neighborhood embraces Halloween. I have a feeling they will be back next year for sure!

Here's a short slideshow with a few more pics from the evening:

It goes without saying that we can't wait until next year!!