The Sack Slide


We took the kids to the Pace Academy Fall Festival yesterday. It was an absolute blast. The kids were able to run around and play the various games and rides throughout the festival. Hunter was either too young or too small for most of them. But not the Sack Slide... I bet we went up and down that thing at least a dozen times. He paid absolutely no attention to the fact that there were people in line. He just marched right past them, up the steps and then turned to see where I was. Countless times, I apologized to those people in line and they were cool about it. I'd climb the steps and then we'd position ourselves on the potato sack and take-off down the slide.

Thanks to our friend, Erika, who was gracious enough to hold my camera for me, I now have a picture of one of our rides down the slide. It's rare that I'm ever in a photo with the kids, so I treasure this one!! Thanks, Erika!