Old Car City

I got word of a place up in White, GA called "Old Car City" and decided to head up there and get a few pictures of some of the old cars that are there. Unfortunately, the place was closed when I got there. I had played voicemail tag with the owner, but we never connected and so I knew there was a chance it wouldn't be open. And that was the case. HOWEVER, upon driving up to the place, I couldn't help but notice a vintage Cadillac sitting outside the gates. Not one to pass-up a good opportunity to capture the moment, I parked my car and snagged a few shots of the old Caddy.

You'll notice that the image above has a slider that shows you a "before and after" view of the shot.The before image is straight out of the camera. For this shot, I took 7 exposures and used a mid-range exposure for the "before" image. After processing all 7 exposures in Photomatix Pro, as well as a few tweaks in Photoshop and onOne's PhotoTools, I arrived at the "after" photo.

This is a great example of why I love HDR -- it really pulls the details out of images and gives them a WOW factor. I know, I know...some might feel it's a bit much and some images, I agree, can look totally unrealistic. But then again, in my opinion, photography is an art, so it really doesn't matter to me what others might think. If I like it and it's the look I'm going for and am comfortable with, then that's all that matters.

Regarding Old Car City, I really would like to get back up there when it's open and snoop around a bit. I have a feeling there are some real gems up there, and I'd love to see what could come from an hour or two of shooting. Stay tuned!!

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