Krog Street Tunnel

Last year, while out taking a few homework photos for my photography class, I found myself over in Inman Park. It's one of the most unique areas of Atlanta, and it seems as though there's something neat and exciting in every nook and cranny of the neighborhood. When I came upon the Krog Street Tunnel, I just had to stop and snap a few pictures. I've jogged through it on many occasions, and I've always wanted to take pictures of it.

It was rather frustrating, as there was a crazy amount of traffic that day. But I was able to find a lull and snap away.

Krog Street Tunnel
For some reason, my favorite part of this image is the old tire resting against the column. It's just so random.

I took a few more shots from different angles, but this was my favorite. I might work on the others and post them later. Stay tuned...

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