Monkeying Around


On our way back to Atlanta from Lake Summit, North Carolina, I thought Sloane was fast asleep in the backseat, as usual. We had just passed Furman University on Highway 25 and were almost to I-185, when Sloane suddenly screamed, "'s a big red gorilla!!" I had no idea what she was talking about, but when I saw that she was looking and pointed out her window, I pulled over and stopped the car to get a better view. Low and behold, it was a gigantic blow-up gorilla being used to advertise a new $3 car wash. I asked Sloane if she wanted to go talk to the gorilla, totally expecting her to be scared to death and politely decline. Surprisingly, she was all over it and started trying to get unstrap herself from the confines of her car seat. Sloane & The $3 Carwash Gorilla

I grabbed my camera and tripod in one hand, and took Sloane's hand in the other, and we walked over to where the gorilla was secured to the ground. As I began setting up to take a picture, Sloane courageously walked over and began trying to talk to him. She had a small bag of gummy worms in her hand and actually offered him a few. Now you and I both know that $3 car wash gorillas can't talk...much less eat gummy worms. But she didn't know that and continued to have a one-sided conversation with her new friend. It was one of the cutest things I'd seen in a long, long time. And the best part is that she got back in the car and never gave thought to the fact that the gorilla never said anything to her. In her mind, perhaps he was just busy standing watch over the car wash. Regardless, it was yet another Sloane moment I'll cherish forever.

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