Watch out, Serena!


When I was a kid, I pretty much tried every sport Corinth had to offer. I started playing t-ball in the first grade, football and baseball in the second grade, soccer in the third grade and golf in the fifth grade. I only lasted for one season of soccer, probably because I was a bench warmer and never really took to the sport. Somewhere in those early years, I also tried tennis. I remember taking a few lessons from Nikki, the tennis pro at Hillandale Country Club. But for some reason, tennis never really jived with me. I think I might have lasted two...maybe three...lessons, and then I hung it up. Hopefully that won't be the case with Sloane. I had a chance to take her to her second tennis lesson yesterday, and I must say it was the highlight of my day...

Sloane on a mission with a tennis ball

Ball in hand, listening to the instructor

Starting her balancing drill

Getting ready to hit the ball

Eyes are still on the ball...almost there


Good follow-through

Time for net drills


Good follow-through again


Running sprints

Asking for more

Pep Talk

I can't tell you how much fun it was to watch her out there on that court. Seeing those red cheeks makes me proud because she most definitely got them from me. I really do want her to be a great athlete, but I also want her to enjoy the sports she plays, as well. These days it seems that parents are fanatical about their kids and the sports they play. Sure, I'd rather my kids play a sport rather than stay inside and watch TV or play video games. But there's a balance. She had fun today, and although she hasn't a clue as to what tennis is really about at this point in time, I don't really care. Seeing her run around and laugh and have fun, while also igniting her competitive spirit, is all I could ask for. So like I said out, Serena!