A Dragonfly? Really?

Last night, Sloane and I were playing in the pool after dinner. It was incredibly hot most of the day, so the water literally felt like bath water. As we were splashing around, Sloane spotted something flying around us, very low to the ground, and said, "Look, Dad! It's a dragonfly!" When I turned to see what she was talking about, I noticed rather quickly that it was not a dragonfly....rather, it was a bat! We usually see them at dusk, flittering around high above our house, feasting on flying gnats or mosquitos. But this little guy must have been a rebel, as he was at our level, swooping up and down around the pool. bat on a fern

I really wasn't sure what to think, but before I knew it, he swooped down to the water, got a quick sip, and then landed on a fern near the pool deck. I ran up to the house, grabbed my camera and took the above shot.  It took Sloane and me a few minutes to find the little guy, as we saw him fly into the ferns but had no idea he'd be resting on one of the branches.  I figured Sloane would be a little scared, but she wasn't...probably due to the fact that she really doesn't understand everything that coincides with bats.  Either way, the entire event made for an interesting evening.

The sad part of the story is that earlier this morning, Hadley came upstairs to inform me that we had a bat floating in the pool's skimmer basket.  Unfortunately, it seems that the little guy got thirsty again and got a little more than he bargained for when trying to take a sip.  We didn't tell Sloane about that part. :-(