Wedding Weekend in Hattiesburg


This past weekend, Hadley and I made a weekend trip to Hattiesburg, Mississippi for the wedding of our dear friends, Jennifer and Neil. It was an exciting trip for me, personally, not just because Jennifer is one of my closest friends, but also because my mother was born and raised in Hattiesburg. It was through my mother's side of the family that I was originally introduced to Jennifer over 10 years ago, so the weekend trip really meant a lot to me. We rode down on Thursday with our friends, Matt and Esther Andrew, and got to Hattiesburg just in time to drop by Jennifer's parents' house for a few drinks to kick the weekend off in style. Friday morning I offered to snap some pictures at a luncheon held in Jennifer's honor. It was a great opportunity to see lots of good friends, as well as meet many of Jennifer's friends and family. Needless to say, it was a top-notch affair with great food, amazing people and lots of Southern charm.

Later Friday night we all gathered at the club house in her parents' subdivision for the rehearsal dinner and after party. Food, music, was an absolute blast!!

Obviously, when you're out of town for the weekend without the kids, you always try to make the most of it. That being said, after the rehearsal dinner we all headed to the Mahogany Bar for more drinks and fun to continue the celebration.

Saturday...Wedding Day...we started the day off with an amazing brunch at the home of a close friend of the Revels family. Some of us were dragging a little bit from the night before, but it was nothing a bloody mary or three couldn't fix. Once again, the morning consisted of good food, good people and good times!!

After the brunch, it was back to the hotel guessed it...NAPS. With very little sleep the night before, combined with bellies full of brunch grub, we couldn't get to the hotel quickly enough to put our feet up and catch some Z's. After a little rest, it was time to head to the ceremony. As expected, Jennifer made a beautiful bride, and Neil cleaned up pretty well himself. Despite the fact that I hate it when people take pictures during wedding ceremonies, I couldn't resist and snapped a few myself.

The final stop of the night was obviously the reception. When I tell you that it was a good time, that is most certainly an understatement. Jennifer's parents really went all-out and truly put on one heck of an event. Everything was top-notch...the food...the band...the entire vibe. It was an absolute blast.

Once again, we decided to maximize the time spent in Hattiesburg, so after the reception we made one last pit stop at the Mahogany Bar where we continued the celebration.

On Sunday, I'd like to say we slept late, had a wonderful brunch somewhere and then hit the road, but it wasn't quite like that. Up early....hotel coffee and Krispy Kreme donuts in the lobby...Starbucks on the way out of town...and then a 6-hour drive back to Atlanta. But that's okay. It was an incredible weekend spent with awesome friends in honor of even more awesome friends. We wouldn't have missed it for the world. Congratulations, Jennifer and make a wonderful couple, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for both of you!!