Happy Memorial Day


Given the fact that my father-in-law had a massive flagpole installed in his backyard a few years ago, I felt it fitting to get a picture of it in some capacity in the spirit of Memorial Day.  Whereas you can typically find our nation's flag hanging on front porches of proud Americans, having a huge flagpole in your backyard just takes it all up a notch. Happy Memorial Day

For the weekend's festivities, I rented a Nikon 14-24mm lens from Professional Photo Resources, my new favorite store in Atlanta.  I'd never really used a wide angle lens in a creative manner before, so I thought it would be the perfect choice for getting this shot from the backyard.  The only problem is that the front of the lens is rounded, which prevents you from using standard filters.  It has an attached lens hood, but it obviously wasn't enough to prevent a little glare (i.e. the rainbow coloring near the swing set and in the palm tree.  Other than that, however, I think it performed remarkably well.