A Guy Walks into a Bar....


Well, it was really three guys, but it was a bar and it was around 5:00 PM, and I doubt anyone was counting.  Anyway, we (AllSouth Networks) had the screening of our latest film, "Elvis - One Night Only", at Smith's Olde Bar last night.  We got there early to drink set-up and get ready for the screening, so I decided to get a few HDR shots of the bar area while we had time to kill. I've been going to Smith's for 14 years to catch live shows upstairs, but I've never really spent that much time downstairs at the bar.  Other than having a drink or two at the downstairs bar before a show, most of my time is and always has been spent upstairs.  Anyway, while Jay and Chris sat at the bar, I set-up my camera and decided to get a shot of them talking to the bartender.  Because I was using my 24-70mm lens, it wasn't wide enough to get the entire bar, but I think what I was able to get worked quite well.

The Main Bar at Smith's Olde Bar

After driving everyone crazy trying to get the bar shot, I decided to get a shot of the right side area of bottles.  What I really like about this shot is the candle on the bar.  For some reason, the candle light and reflection on the photo behind it really caught my eye.  I also love the fact that you can't really tell (unless you are somewhat familiar with the bar area at Smith's) but the three vertical pictures behind the bottles are actually on the opposite wall.  That's a mirror behind the bottles, so what you see is actually on the wall behind me as I took the picture.  I had to step away as the camera's timer went off and the pictures were taken.  Very cool, if I do say so myself!


I'm really starting to get the hang of the HDR process and can't wait to try more of it around the Atlanta area. That said, if you have any recommendations in terms of cool objects, areas, bars, landmarks, etc. around the Atlanta area (or the South in general) please let me know...I'm all ears!