Price's Chicken Coop in Charlotte, North Carolina


Growing up in Mississippi and having a mother that loved to cook, I learned to appreciate fried food.  That's not to say that everything my mother cooked was fried, but she ceratinly did have an affinity for certain fried foods.  My mother's fried chicken was to die for.  Her fried okra was amazing, as well as her fried eggplant and fried green tomatoes in the summertime.  My hometown (Corinth, MS) is located in the northeastern part of the state, putting it very close to Tennessee.  Pickwick Lake was about 30 minutes away, and that's where you could find some of the best fried catfish known to man.  You didn't have to go all the way to to Pickwick, however, to get your hands on fried catfish, though.  There were a handful of really popular catfish joints in and around Corinth, namely the Catfish Hotel, Pat's and the Broken Spoke.  Needless to say, over the course of 18 years in Corinth, and despite being away from there for over 20 years, I still love me some fried Southern food!! Yesterday, I found myself in Charlotte for a meeting, and prior to leaving for my trip, I reached out to a few friends to see if anyone knew of a good hole-in-wall place to eat between Atlanta and Charlotte.  Turns out my friend, Elizabeth Moore at Green Olive Media, knew of a place called Price's Chicken Coop and recommended I give that a try.  So I did!

As you drive-up to Price's, you'll notice that it's tucked away in a rather plain building, very unassuming and is rather easy to miss.  But the people gathering outside (and sometimes standing in line all the way down the block!) should give it away...


Price's Chicken Coop

So you know what's in the box, but you're wondering what's in the bag, aren't you?! Fried Chicken of my all-time favorites!! One word....YUM!

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