Diggin' Diptych


What is it with kids and picking their noses? Just because your finger is the perfect size to fit into a nostril, doesn't mean it has to go there... But for some reason, they insist on doing it. Hell, I'd venture to say it's not just kids, either. I've seen a fair amount of adults doing it, too. Usually sitting in traffic.

Boredom? Perhaps. Anyway, I digress...

On this particular occasion, I was upstairs with Sloane getting ready for bedtime. I was watching her put together her new wood puzzle, and she was doing a darn good job...

Now at some point she took a break from the puzzle and took care of the much-needed business. Obviously I had to document the occasion.

Fortunately, she had no success. She seemed a bit surprised, but that's beside the point.

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