Welcome to the world, Scarlett!


Yesterday, I spent a fair amount of the day with my good friend and business partner, Jay Hale, at Piedmont Hospital. Jay and his wife, Lizzy, welcomed a little girl, Scarlett, to the world just before 1:00 PM. I got there as soon as I could after Jay told me they were heading to the hospital, and as usual, I had my camera in tow.

Having been through this process twice already, I knew exactly what was going through Jay's mind. I must say, however, that he was very cool, calm and collected. He did a pretty darn good job disguising the fact that he was extremely nervous and scared to death. With his mom there, as well as Lizzy's parents, however, he was in good hands.

Yesterday was indeed a great day. At the end of the day, I bought a nice bottle of bourbon and hoped to have a drink with Jay in Scarlett's honor, but we had to take a rain check. Regardless, I look forward to having that drink, as well as watching that little girl steal her father's heart....just like my daughter did the day she was born. Congratulations once again, Jay....you're gonna make an awesome father, and I can't wait to see Hunter chasing Scarlett across the backyard one day soon.