Going Two-Deep

Hadley and I went to the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival yesterday, which means I forgot about the Paleo lifestyle for a few hours and ate food like there was no tomorrow.  When I woke-up this morning, I didn't have much of an appetite, but as for the kids, well, that's another story. Sloane's friend, Lydia, spent the night which means when I got up with the kids this morning, I was out-numbered 5 to 1.  The call?  Donuts.  So I made a quick trip down the street and grabbed a box of 'em.  As soon as I walked in the door, the kids were on me like white on rice.

Before I knew it, they were sitting on the steps of the deck out back and had gone two-deep in no time.

The Need For Speed

Having twins teaches you one thing, for sure - you need two of everything to prevent all-out war.  But when you have two additional kiddos in addition to the twins, you eventually learn that you sometimes need four of everything. And such is the case with plasma cars.

Our driveway has a great slope to it, so they can actually get going pretty fast by the time they hit the grass at the bottom.

Bates is Mr. Cautious, rarely lifting his feet off the ground.  But the other three...that's a different story.  They definitely have the need for speed!

Only Love Is Better Than Schlitz

Took some photos of a house today and as I was wrapping-up a few shots in the basement, I noticed an old pegboard on a far wall in one of the corners.  Normally I'd keep on going, especially when the basement is as dirty and dank as this one was.  But when I saw the bumper sticker that was proudly displayed on it, I had to get a shot.

I must admit, I'm rather fond of old school brewski brands, but I'm not exactly sure I'd agree with whoever came up with this thing.  Regardless, I thought it was worthy of another 15 minutes or so to fire off 9 bracketed exposures to capture it in all its glory.

Look, Mom!


After a week at the beach with awesome weather, the kids weren't going to stand for staying inside on a rather chilly, overcast Atlanta morning.  So we packed them in the van and took them on a trip to Little Nancy Creek Park.  We'd never been there before and were in the mood for something new and different. With a nature trail, as well as your typical playground stuff, they had more than enough things to explore and try-out.  While the older kids hit the trail, Bates and Miller went nuts on the playground.  And to my surprise, Bates, who is normally the less risky of the two, really took to the slide.  And not the little one, either.  He figured out how to climb to the top of the biggest structure there, and he wasn't about to go down the slide until he had everyone's undivided attention.  Especially his mother's.

Rain came not long after he had a chance to make a few trips down, so we gathered the troops and headed home.  Regardless, looks like we found our new favorite weekend hotspot!