Atlanta Real Estate Photography

Whether you're selling a home as a real estate agent or as a homeowner, if you're looking for an Atlanta real estate photographer, I'd love to work with you.  However, there's something you need to know and understand first:  I'm not a run-and-gun, ultra wide angle, HDR real estate photographer.  If you're looking for someone that's cheap, fast and that merely produces images to help you list a property, then I'm probably not the right choice.  But...if you want someone that takes his time to get the right shots and delivers professional-grade photographs that help you effectively market and sell a property, then I'm your guy.  I take pride in my work, and each and every shoot gets the same amount of effort and attention that it deserves and takes to capture images that make your property look its absolute best.

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Approach and technique

My goal is to capture images that bring out the best in your home, and that's much easier said than done.  Contrary to what you might have heard or experienced with other photographers, there's much more to it than moving rapidly from room to room and shooting the entire house in 30 minutes.  I'll spend the necessary time finding the best angles, moving and shifting furniture and anything else that helps bring out the best in each room and/or space.  I use supplemental lighting and advanced editing techniques to ensure each shot is accurate in terms of exposure, contrast, color temperature, highlight and shadow detail, etc.

Here are a few things you should understand:

1)  I do not use an ultra wide angle lens.  My go-to lens for real estate photography is the PC-E NIKKOR 24mm F3.5D ED.  This is a wide angle lens, perfectly suited for interiors, architecture, etc.  In my opinion, shooting any wider than 24mm does two things:  (1) it creates an enormous amount of distortion on the edges of the photos, and (2) it makes rooms, spaces, yards, etc. look much larger than they really are.

2)  I am not an "HDR" photographer.  HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography has become extremely popular in the real estate industry because it is a technique that allows photographers to quickly shoot properties.  Most of the work is done via software algorithms.And the quicker a photographer can shoot a property, the more properties that photographer can shoot per day.  While this sounds logical from a business perspective,



Since every shoot is different, I always try to get as much information about the home as possible before I arrive.  Once on site, I start with a quick walk-through and make notes about each room or space in terms of necessary lighting, staging, furniture tweaking, etc.  I will also get your thoughts on the home's key features and any input you may have related to the shoot.

In terms of staging and/or preparing the home for the photographs, all cleaning, de-cluttering, etc. needs to be done prior to my arrival.  If any furniture needs to be moved or tweaked to provide better access to a preferred angle or shot, I will certainly do that with your approval.  But above and beyond that, I'm there to focus my time and attention on taking photographs, not waiting around while rooms are styled, organized or de-cluttered.  If you're an agent, please communicate with your client to ensure the home is 100% ready to go upon my arrival.  If you plan to be there during the shoot, please arrive early to ensure everything is ready for prime time.

NOTE:  I have created a website to assist you and/or your clients in preparing for real estate photographs.  Please visit the site or share it with your client(s) for helpful tips and suggestions on prepping for photos.  Click here to visit the site.

post production

Images are usually processed and uploaded to a private viewing gallery within 3 business days.  Feedback on the images is welcome, and I'm more than happy to make any minor edits or enhancements prior to final delivery.  While complex editing or retouching (sky replacements, grass "greening," object removal, etc.) is possible, it is not included in standard real estate pricing packages and is billed separately.

I deliver both high and low-resolution images for all properties.  High-resolution files are suitable for marketing purposes (brochures, postcards, flyers, websites, etc.) and low-resolution files are resized and cropped for use on FMLS, GA MLS, etc.  There are no licensing terms or print restrictions, with one exception - images are to be used by you and only you.


For marketing homes for sale or long-term lease, I offer set rates based on the number of photos and the listing price of the property.  Please click the link below to request my current rate sheet for this service.

Regardless of your needs, it all starts with a conversation.  Let's talk about what you have in mind!