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Photos and videos for residential real estate agents, property managers and FSBO’s throughout Atlanta and surrounding areas.

Atlanta Real Estate Photography

Whether you're selling a home as a real estate agent or as a homeowner, if you're looking for an Atlanta real estate photographer, I'd love to work with you.  However, there's something you need to know and understand first:  I'm not a run-and-gun, ultra wide angle, HDR real estate photographer.  If you're looking for someone that's cheap, fast and that merely produces images to help you list a property, then I'm probably not the right choice.  But...if you want someone that takes his time to get the right shots and delivers professional-grade photographs that help you effectively market and sell a property, then I'm your guy.  I take pride in my work, and each and every shoot gets the same amount of effort and attention that it deserves and takes to capture images that make your property look its absolute best.

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Approach & Technique

My goal is to capture images that bring out the best in your home, and that's much easier said than done.  Contrary to what you might have heard or experienced with other photographers, there's much more to it than moving rapidly from room to room and shooting the entire house in 30 minutes.  I'll spend the necessary time finding the best angles, moving and shifting furniture and anything else that helps bring out the best in each room and/or space.  I use supplemental lighting and advanced editing techniques to ensure each shot is accurate in terms of exposure, contrast, color temperature, highlight and shadow detail, etc.

Here are a few things you should understand:

1)  I do not use an ultra wide angle lens.  My go-to lens for real estate photography is the PC-E NIKKOR 24mm F3.5D ED.  This is a wide angle lens, perfectly suited for interiors, architecture, etc.  In my opinion, shooting any wider than 24mm does two things:  (1) it creates an enormous amount of distortion on the edges of the photos, and (2) it makes rooms, spaces, yards, etc. look much larger than they really are.  Want to know how to frustrate potential buyers?  Market a property using photos that exaggerate the size of rooms/spaces.  Buyers arrive and are quickly disappointed when they realize the master bathroom and beautiful designer kitchen are not nearly as big and spacious as they appeared in the photos.

2)  I'm not an "HDR" photographer.  HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography has become extremely popular in the real estate industry because it's a technique that allows photographers to get in and out of properties quickly and move-on to their next appointment.  And while this may be good for their business, that doesn't mean it's good for yours.  When you hire me to photograph a property, I'm there to take the absolute best photos that I can to help you market and sell the property.  You will get my undivided attention for as long as it takes to capture the best images that showcase the property.  That being said, there are certain things that need to be done to ensure the property is photo-ready upon my arrival.


What you can expect from me:

Since every shoot is different, I always try to get as much information about the home as possible before I arrive.  Prior to the shoot, we should discuss the following things:

  1. What direction the house faces - this helps us determine the best time of day for photos in terms of sunlight.

  2. How the house is situated on the lot/property - is it a flat lot or does the house sit up on a hill or below street level?

  3. Any specific shots you want or need - I'm not a mind-reader, so if you have specific needs, please let me know!

Beyond that, you can expect me to be on time with all of my equipment in working order.  I'll start with a quick walk-through and make notes about each room or space in terms of necessary lighting, staging, furniture tweaking, etc.  I will also get your thoughts on the home's key features and any input you may have related to the shoot.

What I expect from you:

Just as you have expectations of me, I, too, have expectations of you (and/or your clients):

  1. All cleaning, de-cluttering, etc. must to be done prior to my arrival. That said, please arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time to ensure everything is ready for prime time.*

  2. Please do not schedule showings, caravans, evaluations and/or open houses during our photo session.

  3. If you need a specific number of photos (i.e 25, 40, etc.), please have a shot list prepared ahead of time so that I can work directly from that list. It's not realistic to expect me to take 50 photos so that you can choose the 25 that you like.

*NOTE:  I have created a website to assist you and/or your clients in preparing for real estate photographs.  Please visit the site or share it with your client(s) for helpful tips and suggestions on prepping for photos.  Click here to visit the site.

Post Production & Delivery

Images are usually processed and uploaded to a private viewing gallery within 3 business days.  Feedback on the images is welcome, and I'm more than happy to make any minor edits or enhancements prior to final delivery.  While complex editing or retouching (sky replacements, grass "greening," object removal, etc.) is possible, it is not included in standard real estate pricing packages and is billed separately.

I deliver both high and low-resolution images for all properties.  High-resolution files are suitable for marketing purposes (brochures, postcards, flyers, websites, etc.) and low-resolution files are resized and cropped for use on FMLS, GA MLS, etc.



Premier Style vs. Basic Style - A Comparison

If you’re wondering what the visual differences are between my Premier and Basic Styles, here are a few examples. Drag the slider over each of the images below to see for yourself.


Atlanta Real Estate Videography

If you're wanting to really take your marketing efforts to the next level, video is a no-brainer.  While photos do a great job of capturing general exterior areas and interior rooms/spaces, videos bring it all together by showcasing the flow of a property and how the rooms and spaces interconnect.  Sure, there are other options like 3D Cameras (think Matterport) and 360 degree virtual tours, but they require "pointing, clicking and/or dragging" and can be extremely cumbersome and finicky in terms of the end-user experience.  With video, however, all it takes is pressing PLAY, and potential buyers can just sit back and enjoy a few minutes of footage that showcases your property in an informative and impactful way.


Approach & Technique

Videos are no different than photos in terms of my desire to capture the best footage that showcases the home and helps you effectively market the property.  As you might expect, shooting video is a bit more time-consuming than photos, both on-site (equipment set-up/break-down; multiple takes, angles, pans, etc.) and in post production (editing, uploading, etc.). 

In terms of equipment, I use a Nikon D810 camera mounted on a DJI Ronin-M 3-axis gimbal stablizer for walk-through footage.  This set-up allows me to keep the camera stabilized while walking throughout/around the property.  For cinematic footage, I utilize a Rhino Slider EVO + Motion for smooth sliding effects.  Lastly, I have a DJI Phantom 4 Pro for capturing exterior/aerial footage.


Real estate video sessions require the same amount of preparation and attention to detail as standard photo sessions, with one exception - nothing can be "Photoshopped" out of a video.  Therefore, preparing the property beforehand is extremely important.  I will come fully prepared to spend the required amount of time capturing the necessary footage to create a beautiful video of your home/property.  But it's a team effort and one that will require you to ensure that everything is cleaned and staged exactly as you want it to appear in the video.


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