Real Estate Pricing

Pricing - Real Estate Photography

For marketing homes for sale, I offer set rates based on the listing price of the property as follows:

Under $1,000,000 → $200.00

  • Up to 25 images
  • Home must be photo-ready*
  • Additional images may be purchased for $10/image**

$1,000,000 - $3,000,000 → $300.00

  • Up to 30 photos
  • Home must be photo-ready*
  • Additional images may be purchased for $10/image**

$3,000,000 - $5,000,000 → $400.00

  • Up to 40 photos
  • Home must be photo-ready*
  • Additional images may be purchased for $10/image**

$5,000,000 - $7,000,000 → $500.00

  • Up to 50 photos
  • Home must be photo-ready*
  • Additional photos may be purchased for $10/image**

$7,000,000 & Above → Call for quote


All pricing packages include the following:

  • Interior & exterior photographs
  • Hi-Res images for marketing purposes
  • Low-Res images for use on FMLS and/or GA MLS
  • Delivery within 2 business days


* Homes must be photo-ready upon my arrival.  All cleaning, decluttering and staging must be done in advance.  Please reference my website, A Photo-Ready Home, for more information regarding home preparation and expectations.

** Each pricing package has a threshold in terms of the number of photos delivered.  Should you need or require additional photos beyond that threshold, they may be purchased individually for $10/photo.  However, this will need to be discussed and agreed to, in advance, while giving me your shot list and/or during the property walk-thru.

Additional Products & Services

Above and beyond standard interior and exterior photographs, I also offer a variety of products and services that can help make your marketing efforts stand out from the crowd.


community amenities /neighborhood Attractions → $25-$50*

Including images of community amenities (swimming pools, tennis courts, playgrounds, green spaces, etc.) and neighborhood attractions (shops, restaurants, parks, greenway trails, etc.) is a great way to add to the appeal and marketability of your listings.

Community Amenities $25

Neighborhood Attractions $50


twilight images → $250.00

Some of the best images that can be captured of a property are taken at twilight.  However, getting these photos is no easy task.  Twilight photography is an art unto itself, but when done properly, it can be just the image that captures potential buyers' attention.

Careful timing and technique is required for this type of shoot, but the results speak for themselves.


elevated photography → $35.00

Some homes are situated on hills or may have objects or landscaping that obstructs the view, and in those situations elevated photography is a good option.  By mounting the camera on a 20-foot photography pole and controlling it remotely, you're able to get more of an "eye level" shot of the home and/or avoid pesky obstructions.


Branded virtual tours → $50.00

Basically an online slideshow of still photos.  The benefit?  By providing a link to a slideshow, viewers (potential buyers) can view high-resolution photos – which they can’t do via online listings because the MLS and distribution networks diminish the quality of photos substantially.

Key features:

  • Can include Hi-Res images and video
  • Floor plans & hot spots (clicking on a specific area of the floor plan brings up the corresponding images)
  • Branded and MLS-compliant tours
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Agent and co-agent support
  • View and track tour statistics


advanced editing/retouching → $75.00/hr

Believe it or not, the phrase "you can just Photoshop that out" is often thrown around with little to no regard for how difficult or time-consuming the task might actually be.  Removing a small blemish on a wall or ceiling can be easy, but it can also be extremely complicated for a number of reasons.  Additionally, things like sky replacements, grass enhancements and object removal are good examples of things that are certainly possible but take a considerable amount of time.  As a result, advanced editing/retouching is not included in standard packages and is considered a separate service.


Expedited image delivery (EID)**

While standard delivery time for images is within 2 business days, I understand there might be situations when you need guaranteed delivery either same-day or next-day. 

Same-Day EID → $50.00

Next-Day EID → $25.00


additional photo sessions

If you need me to go back and take additional photos of a property, I'm more than happy to do so.  Pricing for additional sessions varies based on the number of required photos, location of the property, interior vs. exterior shots, etc.  Please call me to discuss the situation so that I can give you an accurate quote.


* Depending on the neighborhood or community, I may already have photos available for licensing.  Prices vary based on usage.

** Expedited Image Delivery must be arranged and discussed in advance of the shoot.